How to Prepare for the Beach

In most places, the summer is over and so for most people it all about fall jackets, cozy jumpers, and boots. However, that’s not the case for everyone. Those people lucky enough to live in beach towns or cities with 24/7 sunshine for 365 days of the year (side eye Los Angeles) still get to go to the beach. With the ability to go to the beach during the fall months, comes with the dilemma of what to wear to the beach.

When planning to go to the beach, the thoughts like what to wear, what to pack, what else you’ll need, what to take with you or leave at home crosses your mind and might be on your mind on the days or hours leading up to your beach visit. No matter how often you go to the beach, the thought of not packing the right clothing can be a little stressful.

How to Prepare

To help with the stress, having a list can help you plan appropriately and be more organized. When making your list, ask yourself questions like

  • How long will you be gone?
  • What are your planned activities? I.e will you be going surfing, boating, snorkeling, partying etc? as they all call for different attires.
  • What’s the weather going to be like?
  • Will you need socks or shoes
  • How sunny will it be?
  • Will you need to pack Beach Hats
  • If you answer these questions correctly then your list should be well on its way to being very comprehensive in helping you have a good beach day.

What to Wear

Many people have their go-to outfit to wear to the beach like a sundress and wedges, colorful shorts, flip-flops and a beach hat or something flowy. Beach clothes and style are not just restricted to bikinis and rompers. Of course, it depends on what you’re doing at the beach. If you’re tanning and taking a dip, of course, you need a swimsuit, but if you’re traveling and exploring you can wear a dress, skirt, or other cute beach clothes.

Sun Dress:

A short printed dress in a light material is the perfect piece to bring with you to the beach because it’s fun, easy, breezy without much hassle involved. A dress is also great because you can wear it over your swimsuit. So you can transition from drinks at a fancy bar to the beach with just removing one item.When finding your perfect dress remember to look for something with a fun pattern in a brighter color.

Beach Hats:

A beach hat is an essential for sun protection. Make sure to wear one that coordinates with your dress and outfits. A straw hat goes with everything from a bathing suit to dressy outfits and gives you that Caribbean vibe. You can also pair it with accessories and wedges to finish off the look.

Jumpsuits and Rompers:

Jumpsuits and rompers are a good choice to wear to the beach especially if you’re going to be running around or if it’s going to be particularly windy. With rompers and jumpsuits, you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing your outfit up (a common problem with sundresses). You can run around, sit, jump etc freely and with easy in a romper or jumpsuit.

Waterproof Makeup:

Not many people think about this when going to the beach but it should be at the top of your list. If you intend to go in the water or play in the ocean and you also intend to wear makeup, then you best make sure they are waterproof or it’s going to wash off or worse still make you look like a panda with washed down mascara and eyeliner.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind When Dressing for the Beach

Get a Swimsuit that Doubles as a Top:

The bodysuit trend is huge now and that has fed into swimsuit fashion this year. This way you can just take off your shots when you are ready to swim and it also reduces the number of items you have to worry about packing.Getting a swimsuit that passes as an ordinary top is a great way to be ready for the beach.

Go Strapless:

You’re at the beach under the sunshine, you’re going to want to put suncream on. But what you don’t want is to be fiddling with a million and one straps to cover your shoulders, so go strapless. It’ll be easier to cover your back and shoulders and you’ll also get no tan lines. But be careful about this if it’s a strapless swimsuit. You don’t want it coming off unexpectedly which will result in you flashing the whole beach. Eeek

Choose Cotton:

The last thing you want when you’re trying to relax at the beach is stretchy clothes that stick to you. Having just a few items of cotton or linen will make you feel more airy and comfortable. Need not be said but said anyway: do not wear leather to the beach.

Don’t Forget your Scarf and/or Hat:

Hear me out. Scarves are not just for winter. I’m not suggesting you bring your best knit, but a light scarf is ideal if it gets windy or a little chilly and beach hats will protect you from the sun. Also when styling your hair Whether the beach is windy or not, hair down by the sea is never a good look. From the wind to sand to water to 99’s, it’s better to have your hair off your face.

Wear Flip Flops or Sandals:

Summer is the time to get those sandals you’ve been dying to wear out of your wardrobe. Bring your sandals, your flip-flops, anything that will get your feet out in the sun and sand.

Avoid Light Colors:

Beaches can actually be quite dirty and if you’re planning on sitting or playing in the sand you should wear bold colors and stay away from white or cream. This colors also become see-through when they get wet which is a possibility being that you know, you’re at the beach. It’s another way you could end up unintentionally flashing innocent people on the beach so stick with brighter bolder colors.